About Us

My name is Danny Bezet. My family and I have been members of the Christian Bowhunters of America since 2012. I have lived in the Texas hill country on and off since 1991. My wife Jana grew up here all of her life. We both grew up in families that were and still are active in the church and in the outdoors. We attend and are members of Comfort Baptist church in Comfort, Texas. Serving God has given us great joy as individuals and as a family. So in January of 2016, we started the Local Hill Country Chapter of the CBA. Our friends Herschel and Kim from our church, along with a list of other friends, came together. Our Mission is to build a greater foundation for Christians in the word of God and to seek those that do not know the saving grace of Jesus Christ. We need to share that message as part of the great commission. This Organization brings hunters in general together so we may serve God and His Kingdom First. Our common ground is using our passion for Him and our passion for Bowhunting to have fellowship as a group. We would love to share our passions with you. We get together as individuals regularly and as a group every few months or as time allows. Men, women, and children are all welcome. The criteria are that you join as an individual or as a family with the main CBA organization. We donate and receive donated wild game animals and take care of the processing. We donate the packaged meat to local food pantries and whoever is in need. We as a group donate thousands of pounds of wild game per year to the surrounding counties. Our Formal non profit Corporation is the Christian Bowhunters of Texas, Inc. If you would like to donate in any way, or if you would like to join please give Danny Bezet a call at 210-669-4543, We try to use donations, raffles, hunting trips, etc… to generate funds to keep our local chapter going. We as individuals get together and go hunting, fishing, target shooting, and we introduce first timers, from young too old, to the Lord and to the sport. So contact us if you are interested.

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